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The service includes the presence of your website on the page www.exclusive-weddingvenues.com which is currently available in Italian and English (to which we will in the near future add French, German, Spanish and Russian). This will include a descriptive profile page complete with text and photos and a form to request information and cost estimates.

The inclusionin the type of field of your interest (Venue or Services) with a mini-site including more pages. This mini-site will be registered directly on the search engines and will be found with KEYWORD + PLACE (for example “wedding venues Turin”). The relevance of the Portal will give even more boost to your personal website. The accommodating facilities will be linked, based on their characteristics, to the following browsing sections of the portal: Type of Venue – Tourist Area – Region – Province – Place – Price range.

The advantages are the visits to your mini-website from qualified traffic coming from the results of the searches on the engines based on the keywords taken from the title and subtitle that you entered on the form. To guarantee the best results, please make sure that during the registration you will enter the place of residence and also that you chose carefully the subtitle for the search. The correct input of your data will help the search that the users will perform for your website. It is always possible to make changes later on, also with our assistance.

The our Sales Office will contact you, if you wish, to talk about the most suitable solution for your needs and your yearly budget.
The subscription will stop automatically after 365 days. At the end of the service you will receive a notification e-mail and you will be able to decide whether to confirm the inclusion or not. The payment can be done directly to our representative or via PAYPAL or by BANK’S TRANSFER. Please note that if you do not have a paypal account you can still proceed to send payment with PAYPAL with your credit card.

The Sales Company S.r.l. (owner of the portal www.exclusive-weddingvenues.com) reserves the unquestionable right to decide whether to accept or decline, demand for the inclusion of business activity on the portal.

Contacts: Email contatti@exclusive-weddingvenues.com

Please read the “Privacy” and the “Terms of Service” of the Portal www.exclusive-weddingvenues.com

Important: Please enter your activity (venue or service) following these three steps:

- Step 1 -

Basic information to be subscribed to our service; once you have entered these basic data, they will be stored in our files archive. The system will send an email with a link to confirm the subscription request. By following this link you will activate your account to access the Reserved Area: from here you can manage the information concerning your Venue.

- Step 2 -

By accessing your Reserved Area you will be able to enter the description texts that will appear on your mini website.
You are also required to enter the text in English and Italian as well.
Please insert the photos for the gallery, from a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 12 photos; the photos must be minimum 800 pixel wide, good quality and between 100-300 Kb each.
Video: at the bottom, in the full description, you can enter the YouTube code (for ex. http://youtu.be/lYw4dfjoBvw) with title and description of the video both in Italian and in English.

- Step 3 -

Please proceed by following the instructions for the activation and visibility of your mini-website within the Portal.

* If you encounter difficulties, please send the text and the photos by email. If you require assistance or help, please contact: contatti@exclusive-weddingvenues.com

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