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Principato di Lucedio

Principato di Lucedio

Farm - medium price - guests: reception (320)

Frazione Lucedio, 8, 13039 Trino, Vercelli Italy

Location per matrimoni Principato di Lucedio Vercelli
Principato di Lucedio

Weddings Principato of Lucedio Vercelli. Wedding venues Piedmont Italy

Lucedio is an ideal location to hold prestigious ceremonial events of the highest caliber. All necessary structures are present to aide catering professionals to fulfill their duties flawlessly. To inquire further about the endless advantages that Lucedio offers, contact us directly.
Contact us to find out how Lucedio can become the ideal partner for your wedding and events company.

Abbey Lucedio is open to the public every day by appointment. The visit includes the Church of the People, the Chapter House, the abbey, the auditorium, and other medieval rooms which have been recently restored. In addition to the historical enchantment the Abbey has to offer, the tour includes the opportunity to visit the agricultural portion , and observe the particular machinery used for the entire production cycle of the rice.
During the visit, upon request, guests can enjoy a tasting of typical local products (including the famous risotto of Lucedio!).
In the shop, guests can purchase a full range of products from the Principality of Lucedio (rice, flour, vegetables, preserves, and delicacies).

Just imagine…
Imagine a still, silent landscape, where the human labour managed to merge perfectly through the centuries with a Nature's rhythm.
Just imagine a sky without limits, framing an ocean of neat rice fields, among it’s mist appear the sharp images of mansions, patient witnesses of the slow streaming of time.
Imagine ancient rooms still echoing distant voices of monks,abates and princesses.
Imagine an enchanted land, distant in time and space, able to seduce with its historic mystery, beauty of its art, wisdom of its traditions, tastes of its cuisine, magic of its landscape… Just imagine all this, here and now: welcome to the Principato of Lucedio!

The Abbey of Lucedio was fouded in 1123 by the Cistercian Monks that reclaimed the land starting here, first in Italy, rice growing at the beginning of the XV century.

As time went by, thank to its strategic geogrphic position along the VIA FRANCIGENA, the Abbey became a prosperous centre of economic and political power: three were the Popes that visited Lucedio.

Several noble Italian families fought for the possession of Lucedio which from the Gonzaga passed to the Savoy until it has been annexed to the properties of Napoleon at the beginning of the XIX century.

Later on the Abbey became property of the Marquis Giovanni Gozani di San Giorgio, the ancestor of the present owner Countess Rosetta Clara Cavalli d’Olivola Salvadori di Wiesenhoff.

The Abbey is situated inside a protected area, whose policy has favoured the reappearance of the fauna which has always inhabited the rice fields; besides frogs, plenty of grey herons and still-birds have chosen to return to Lucedio adding cherm to the place. 


Principato di Lucedio: Matrimoni, Eventi e Meeting Aziendali

Lucedio è il luogo ideale dove organizzare matrimoni e ricevimenti di alto livello.

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Weddings Principato of Lucedio Vercelli. Wedding venues Piedmont Italy
MAXIMUM CAPACITY FOR A WEDDING: 500 people in the interior.
320 people in the lounge (room of converts), 80 people in the chapter house, 100 people in the gallery.
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