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Palazzo del Capo

Palazzo del Capo

Seafront hotel with beach - superior price - guests: reception (100), accomodation (40)

Via C. Colombo, 5 - 87020 Cittadella del Capo

Weddings at Palazzo del Capo, wedding venue a 5 star Hotel Spa & Relax Cosenza Calabria Italy
Palazzo del Capo

Weddings Palazzo del Capo 5 star Hotel Spa & Relax. Luxury Wedding venue a Cosenza Calabria Italy


The Palazzo is set in the midst of gardens where guests can enjoy the cool shade of towering palm trees, or relax with a swim in the hotel pool.  The elegant hotel restaurant, with an impeccable wine list, serves a variety of Calabrian and international dishes made with products and produce from the area. 
Il "wedding coordinator" è preposto a fornire alle coppie nostre ospiti la tranquillità e la sicurezza che ogni richiesta ed ogni problema saranno seguiti e risolti da un’attenta regia dedicata al loro giorno più importante. Anche per questo siamo scelti da un’esigente clientela estera desiderosa di ambientare le nozze sulle affascinanti rive del Mediterraneo.



The very elegant Palazzo del Capo, which at one time was the principal residence of the powerful Dukes de Aloe, was built in various phases, from the 11th to the 18th centuries.  The current owners have carefully restored the Palazzo to turn it into one of Calabria's most exclusive small hotels.   The careful and thoughtful restoration work preserved much of the palace's original character while adding an impressive array of modern comforts and amenities.
There are 13 very comfortable rooms and just 3 suite, each of which is extremely well-appointed.  The hotel also has a number of rooms for small meetings and conferences.The Palazzo also boasts an enchanting restaurant and 5 salons, designed like the bridges of ships, overlooking a 17th century Spanish tower, that was once the home of the Gattopardi family, and the incredible coastline of the Bay of Capo Bonifati on the Tyrrehenian Sea.


The Palace, built in various phases, from XI to XVIII century, secular residence of the Family of the Dukes De Aloe, recently opened to the visitors, after a wise and accurate work of restoration, is a new meeting point with special carachteristics.
When convivial receiving, matrimony, recurrence, and the occasion of spending holidays and giving hospitality must leave a sign, the Palace offers an authentic atmosphere for discovering man's finest pleasure of rituals, gestures and particulars.
A warm and intact hospitality, the elegance of the halls, furnished with furniture of antique trade, the welcoming bar and the other places of relax allow guests to spend very pleasant days of vacation. 


Palazzo del Capo pr Cosenza Calabria

Un Hotel a cinque stelle. Spa & Relax, nel cuore del Tirreno cosentino.

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Luxury weddings in the very elegant Palazzo del Capo, Cosenza 5 star Hotel Spa & Relax, Terme Luigiane, which at one time was the principal residence of the powerful Dukes de Aloe, was built in various phases, from the 11th to the 18th centuries. Wedding venue a Cosenza Calabria Italy
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