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Puglia weddings.

Destination Wedding venues Apulia or Puglia Italy

Puglia weddings.

Weddings in Italy Apulia or Puglia Wedding venues

Situated at the south-eastern tip of the Italian peninsula, Apulia covers over 19,000 square kilometers (7,336 sq mi) in succession of broad plains and low-lying hills. The only mountainous areas, the Gargano promontory and the Monti Dauni, do not exceed 1,150 m and are to be found in the north of Apulia, which is the least mountainous region in Italy.
Apulia is a very dry region. Its few rivers are torrential and are to be found on the Tavoliere delle Puglie, a tableland at the foot of the Gargano promontory that is one of the largest and agriculturally most productive plains in Italy. Elsewhere, rainwater permeates the limestone bedrock to form underground watercourses that resurface near the coast. Groundwater is therefore abundant, and there are many caves and potholes. The caves at Castellana Grotte are particularly spectacular.
Provinces: Province of Bari, Barletta-Andria-Trani, Brindisi, Foggia, Lecce, Taranto

See also: Capitanata, Tavoliere delle Puglie, Gargano, Salento, Sacra Corona Unita, Terra d'Otranto, Murgia, Trullo


About Puglia
Puglia (or Apulia as it is also called), is a food and wine lover’s paradise. One reason is that the fresh produce is of such high quality. Indeed, many of the basic elements of the Italian kitchen originate from Puglia. A huge proportion of Italy’s fish is caught off the extensive Apulian coast, 70% of the country’s olive oil is produced here and the region provides 80% of Europe’s pasta. Fish and seafood are abundant and better priced than in other parts of Italy.

Puglia is served by two airports at Bari and Brindisi and most of the region can be reached from these airports within 1 hours drive. There has never been a better time to buy property in Puglia.


Wedding venues Apulia, Puglia, Italy:

  • Hotel Baia dei Faraglioni

    Puglia weddings.

    Hotel Baia dei Faraglioni

    Seafront hotel with beach - superior price

    Luxury Hotel 5 star Wedding venue Gargano, Foggia, Italy. The “Bay of the Faraglioni” is among the most elegant 5 stars luxury resorts of the Apulia situated on a sea cliff. An exclusive and unique Hotel with the same name as the bay who gives its hospitality at only a…

  • Villa Barone Brindisi

    Puglia weddings.

    Villa Barone Brindisi

    Hotel / Resort / Relais - medium price - guests: reception (300), accomodation (40)

    Meeting & Wedding venue Brindisi Puglia Italy. Villa Barone. In the heart of the high Salento area, few kilometers from the wonderful Adriatic coast, Villa Barone is the ideal place where you can spend your pleasant relax or weddings, business stay. 4 star hotel &…

  • Borgo Egnazia Hotel Villas SPA Golf, 5 star

    Puglia weddings.

    Borgo Egnazia Hotel Villas SPA Golf, 5 star

    Hotel / Resort / Relais - superior price - guests: reception (400), accomodation (400)

    Borgo Egnazia fulfills and satisfies the requirements and need of a wider public, different from that one of the Masserias. With an attentive eye to each guest, families and children or any business meeting and happening, Borgo Egnazia is the ideal place to plan and…

  • Castello Monaci Salento Lecce

    Puglia weddings.

    Castello Monaci Salento Lecce

    Castle / Fort - medium price - guests: reception (200), accomodation (16)

    Weddings Castello Monaci Salento Lecce Puglia Italy. All engraved in the beauty of an enchanting place. At this latitude, along this sundial, the time flows like a gentle breeze. In the spaces, gestures and faces, great beauties of former times live again. Set at the…

  • La Perla del Doge

    Puglia weddings.

    La Perla del Doge

    Historic House - Historical Residence - medium price - guests: reception (300)

    Wedding venue La Perla del Doge Molfetta Italy, is a magic place for wedding on the sea in Puglia. The love for beauty and art allows us to stage productions ranging from sophisticated historical reconstructions to modern and dynamic atmosphere.

  • Villa Ciardi - Apulia

    Puglia weddings.

    Villa Ciardi - Apulia

    Ceremony venues - superior price - guests: reception (500), accomodation (20)

    Luxury weddings in Historical house and hotel, Villa Ciardi, Barletta Puglia Italy. Unique location to turn your special occasions into unforgettable moments. Ideal for elegant meetings and weddings. It is also a a 5-star hotel with 8 rooms.

  • Coco Beach Club

    Puglia weddings.

    Coco Beach Club

    Beach Leisure Complex - medium price - guests: reception (240)

    Coco is a unique and exclusive setting for those who wonder to spend their special day with the soundtrack of the waves and the smell of salt.

  • La Locanda del Carrubo

    Puglia weddings.

    La Locanda del Carrubo

    Hotel sea view with balcony - medium price - guests: reception (250), accomodation (33)

    In una delle località marittime più belle d’Italia, La Locanda del Carrubo, situata a picco sul mare vi regalerà un panorama spettacolare che farà da cornice ai momenti più romantici e felici della vostra vita. Questo prestigioso, piccolo hotel di lusso a cinque stelle…

  • La Casa e il Mare

    Puglia weddings.

    La Casa e il Mare

    Country House / Farm holidays - medium price - guests: reception (230), accomodation (99)

    La casa e il Mare si trova sul gargano, una zona di eccezionale interesse paesaggistico, storico e culturale. È l'ideale per festeggiare un matrimonio raccolto e fra pochi intimi ma all’insegna del romanticismo e del buon gusto

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