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Hotel Baia dei Faraglioni

Hotel Baia dei Faraglioni

Seafront hotel with beach - superior price

Litoranea Mattinata-Vieste Km 16, 71030 Mattinata (FG) - Italia

Luxury Hotel 5 star Wedding venue Gargano, Foggia, Italy. The “Bay of the Faraglioni” is among the most elegant 5 stars luxury resorts of the Apulia situated on a sea cliff. An exclusive and unique Hotel with the same name as the bay who gives its hospitality at only a few kilometres from Mattinata on the Gargano Area.

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Wedding Baia dei Faraglioni Beach Resort. At the welcome you will always find an elegant atmosphere, warm and relaxing with all comfort, for making your stay on the Gargano, Foggia, unique and special and also successful for your wedding in Apulia.
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