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Castel Katzenzungen South Tyrol

Castel Katzenzungen South Tyrol

Castle / Fort - medium price - guests: reception (200)

Prissiano 11, 39010 Tesimo Merano Italia

Castle weddind Castel Katzenzungen, situated on a hill in the heart of South Tyrol, is a place to relax. Just a short drive from the spa town of Meran and the capital city of Bozen. Discover 800 years of history, and enjoy the fantastic view of an impressive country.
Castel Katzenzungen South Tyrol

Wedding venue Castle Castel Katzenzungen. Tesimo Meran Bozen Alto Adige Trentino Italy

Before crossing the 32 m bridge to reach the castle, take a look at the world's largest and probably oldest grapevine from our park, enjoy some of our excellent wines on the sunny terrace, and just take in the breathtaking scenery that surrounds Castel Katzenzungen.

After crossing the bridge, which is lined with torches, you leave the present day behind and enter into the past and into a new future. More than 100 candles create a romantic and emotional atmosphere. 14 lordly rooms, wood panelled rooms, vaulted dungeons as adventurous corners, and wood fired stoves for cosiness in winter are waiting for your social and cultural spirit to create a part of history. Look at the character of each room, and decide which is best for your event and where you and your guests will feel most comfortable.

Your wedding will be a unique event. Chapel, festive halls, cosy rooms, wine cellar, star chefs for the buffet or dinner create the right atmosphere for the most important day of your life. Celebrate and enjoy, and pose for your wedding pictures.

Easily reachable all year round, with car park and service for up to 200 guests who don’t need to leave until dawn, as the whole day and the castle, belong to you.

Chairs and tables, complete equipment for dinners, festivals, culinary events, complete modern kitchen, antique furniture and weapons, original wine cellar.
Music and loud speakers on the ground floor and microphones in all rooms.
Accommodation not available in the castle.

First mentioned in 1244, Henricus de Cazenzunge gave Castel Katzenzungen to the aristocrats von Fink and von Schlandersberg, who planted the oldest and largest vine of Europe, the “Versoaln”.
The castle passed through the hands of the lords von Thun and von Fuchs to the von Breisach’s who are responsible for the impressive architecture we can see today.

Situated in the small South Tyrolean village of Prissian, between Meran (15 km) and Bozen (16 km) and easily reachable all year round. Junction for various ventures and meeting point for guests from all directions.
Approximate distances from Castel Katzenzungen:
Bozen 16 km - Innsbruck 130 km
Verona 160 km - Milan 280 km
Venice 300 km - Munich 300 km

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Events with up to 450 guests can be catered for in the various rooms of the castle.
Let yourself be taken back into the previous century within the walls of the Renaissance castle, but combined with the comforts of modern life. Dive into a unique atmosphere of old and new.
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