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Hotel Cipriani - Venice

Hotel Cipriani - Venice

Hotel / Resort / Relais - superior price - guests: reception (270), accomodation (160)

Giudecca 10, 30133 Vevezia, Italy

Hotel Cipriani & Palazzo Vendramin 5 star. Venice: an extraordinary city, an island apart, a unique way of life. A glorious, theatrical experience that touches all the senses. And if Venice is a theatre, the Hotel Cipriani is the Royal Box.
Hotel Cipriani - Venice

Luxury wedding Holel Cipriani 5 star Venice - Wedding venue Venice Italy


If Venice is a theatre, the Cipriani is the Royal Box. It is a resort, a way of life, an island apart. With the elegance of a private club and the advantage of being at the heart of the city, but gently removed from its hustle and bustle, it is the perfect base for discerning travellers. The hotel's windows overlook the Basin of St. Mark's, the Palladian church of St. Giorgio and distant islands of the lagoon. Connected by a walkway through the garden, Palazzo Vendramin and Palazzetto offer rooms and suites with butler service where privacy is complete and the view on historic Venice across the water is unparalleled. The Cipriani's three restaurants (the Fortuny, the Cip's Club and the Porticciolo Pool Restaurant) have been awarded prizes for the perfection of their regional cuisine. The Hotel is only five minutes from St. Mark's Square by its complimentary private motor launch operating 24 hours.


Rooms & Suites
Hotel Cipriani offers 79 beautifully decorated suites and rooms, with magnificent views over the open lagoon and the gardens. Palazzo Vendramin is a 15th-century residence linked to the Hotel Cipriani through an ancient courtyard and a passageway lined with flowers. It houses 16 suites and rooms with sweeping vistas over the gardens and across to St Mark's Square.


Cipriani Restaurants & Bars
Each of our restaurants radiates glamour, from the alfresco Pool Restaurant, to the relaxed Cip’s Club with its spectacular vistas and the Fortuny Restaurant with its beautiful silk décor. All offer sublime cuisine, stunning table settings and exceptional service


Plan an Event
Do you have a special occasion to celebrate? Whether just a small number of friends or a large gathering, we are at the ready with a wealth of ideas to inspire you.
Share your ideas for a special event with us – then relax, leave the arrangements to us, and simply enjoy the occasion with your invited guests.
When you have a truly special occasion to mark, there’s only one way to do it – by pulling out all the stops. All Italian Orient-Express properties are in breathtaking locations, which in themselves are the stuff of dreams, and are staffed by highly-experienced professionals well versed in adding originality and sparkle to any event.


Wedding in Venice
Venice—the place where lovers through the ages have embraced, the natural backdrop for passionate and romantic intrigues. Perhaps it’s the heavenly landscape, the artistic riches or the sea air—but something about Venice makes the heart beat faster.
We are here to help you realise your dreams, whether you wish a religious wedding in a church, a civil ceremony in the Town Hall, or simply a blessing in the Casanova or Antique Gardens overlooking the tranquil lagoon. Our team of wedding experts will assist you with any requests you may have to tailor the event to your specific needs—whether you would like a traditional ceremony or a blessing on a gondola.
Hotel Cipriani can also be hired for exclusive use with our Ultimate Take-Over. Imagine having the entire hotel all to yourself, where you can accommodate your guests and entertain them as if in your own private villa. Banquet in "Ballroom Longhi" max 270 seats


Celebrate with us!
A family gathering? A special occasion? Anniversary, birthday, graduation party? Families get bigger, friends are like a second family, and causes for celebration are always easy to find. Hotel Cipriani offers the perfect combination of spectacular settings and intimate retreats, backed by skilled staff eager to help you create the party of your dreams.

Venice and the Hotel Cipriani are an idyllic setting for your meeting, seminar or VIP gathering. The Granaries of the Republic offer all the privacy required for such occasions, while the luxurious yet peaceful surroundings ensure an atmosphere perfect for discussion, decision-making or simply relaxation.


"Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go", claimed American author Truman Capote.
And he was right, for this magical, romantic city, set on the water, awakens all the senses. Every corner turned reveals new, breathtaking sights of opulent palazzi, majestic churches and atmospheric canals. The sound of bells chiming the hour or the splash of water against a gondolier’s oar are unforgettable. But Venice is not just about its sumptuous history; it is very much a living city, where children play football in the squares, washing flutters from lines strung across courtyards and elderly women walk their tiny dogs.
Although it is a city whose timeless beauty is constantly extolled, it is also a place you can return to time and again for different experiences. Every visit will reveal new treasures, and deepen your affection for its charms.


Hotel Cipriani Venice Luxury wedding venue Italy

If Venice is a theatre, the Cipriani is the Royal Box. It is a resort, a way of life, an island apart. With the elegance of a private club and the advantage of being at the heart of the city, but gently removed from its hustle and bustle, it is the perfect base for discerning travellers.

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Four minutes by private launch from San Marco, on the tip of Giudecca Island, this iconic Orient-Express hotel commands unrivalled views of the lagoon and Doge’s Palace. Steeped in Venetian style, it is known for interiors decorated in exquisite local artefacts, classic cuisine with an innovative twist and the most fabulous swimming pool in the city.
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