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Castello di Roncade Treviso

Castello di Roncade Treviso

Bed & breakfast - medium price - guests: reception (200), accomodation (15)

Via Roma 141, 31056 Roncade TV Italia

Wedding venue Veneto Italy, parties weddings and conferences in a short period of time the ‘Castello di Roncade’ has made a name for itself even as a site for holding wedding parties, exhibitions and all kids of events. From conferences to weddings the ‘Castello’ offers large conference rooms in a warm and elegant environment set along the wine ambiance that lends itself to formal or informal events. These rooms have already been used with the collaboration of a variety of caterers and agencies that can adapt to whatever the requirement from the guests. The facilities are suited for four types of events: the covered arcade, two large rooms above the wine cellar or the large and elegant main room of the Villa.

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Conferences parties an weddings in "Castello di Roncade" Treviso. A large area of the ancient wine cellar is able to hold up to 200 guests. Here have been hosted events and parties by famous guests that have made Roncade known in international and world wide newspapers and fashion or culinary magazines. The natural beauty and historical value that is
found in the buildings set a framework for an ideal and unforgettable setting. In the end the wine may not be the only attraction one can find at the ‘Castello di Roncade’.
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