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Liguria italian Riviera weddings.

Destination Wedding venues italian Riviera Italy

Liguria italian Riviera weddings.

Weddings in Italy Liguria location, wedding venues italian Riviera


The Italian Riviera, or Ligurian Riviera (Italian Riviera ligure) is the narrow coastal strip which lies between the Ligurian Sea and the mountain chain formed by the Maritime Alps and the Apennines. Longitudinally it extends from the border with France and the French Riviera (or Côte d'Azur) near Ventimiglia (a former customs post) to Capo Corvo (also known as Punta Bianca) which marks the eastern end of the Gulf of La Spezia and is close to the border with Tuscany. The Italian Riviera thus includes nearly all of the coastline of Liguria. (Historically it extended further to the west, through what is now French territory as far as Monaco.)


The Riviera is centred by Genoa, which divides it into two main sections: the Riviera di Ponente (“the coast of the setting sun”), extending westwards from Genoa to the French border; and the Riviera di Levante (“the coast of the rising sun”) between Genoa and Capo Corvo.

It is famous for its particularly mild climate which, together with the charm of its old fishing ports and the beauty of its landscape, has made it a popular destination for travellers and tourists since the time of Byron and Shelley.

Many villages and towns in the area are internationally known, such as Portofino, Bordighera, Lerici, and the Cinque Terre.

The part of the Riviera di Ponente centred on Savona, is called the "Riviera delle Palme" (the Riviera of palms); the part centered on Sanremo, is the "Riviera dei Fiori", after the long-established flower growing industry.


Weddings in Italy Liguria italian Riviera location - Wedding venues italian Riviera:

  • Villa Marigola, Lerici

    Liguria italian Riviera weddings.

    Villa Marigola, Lerici

    Private Villa sea view - medium price - guests: reception (120)

    Matrimonio a Villa Marigola. Nella baia di San Terenzo, tra questa e il borgo di Lerici, in bella posizione panoramica sul promontorio fitto di lecci, si trova la Villa Marigola. L’edificio originale risale alla seconda metà del XVIII secolo, casa di villeggiatura dei…

  • Manù's Paradise Noli (Savona)

    Liguria italian Riviera weddings.

    Manù's Paradise Noli (Savona)

    Restaurant - medium price - guests: reception (130), accomodation (20)

    Wedding Manù's Paradise restaurant with 5 suits, on the hill overlooking the sea. Wedding venues italian riviera, Noli (Savona) Italy, Liguria, Palms' Riviera, just 5 minutes from the sea, Manù's Paradise is an example of architectural recovery that unites the past with…

  • Villa Lagorio italian riviera

    Liguria italian Riviera weddings.

    Villa Lagorio italian riviera

    Private Villa sea view - medium price - guests: reception (120 + 200)

    Villa Lagorio, Celle Ligure, private villa Liberty style: a unique villa set on the cliffs of Liguria with breathtaking views of the Italian Riviera. The Villa can accommodate 120 guests inside, 200 outside under the gazebo (orangerie).

  • Royal Hotel Sanremo

    Liguria italian Riviera weddings.

    Royal Hotel Sanremo

    Seafront hotel with beach - superior price

    Weddings Royal Hotel in Sanremo Italy is an exclusive 5-star hotel, inaugurated in 1872, just perfect for guests to relax in a setting where tradition, refinement and modern comfort combine with warm hospitality,

  • Il Casale Bio Resort Spa & Beauty Italian Riviera

    Liguria italian Riviera weddings.

    Il Casale Bio Resort Spa & Beauty Italian Riviera

    Hotel / Resort / Relais - medium price - guests: reception (200), accomodation (60)

    "Il Casale" Bio Resort Spa & Beauty A wonderful Bio - Resort in Liguria, in the heart of the Liguria inland, inside a park of 30.000 square meters among olive trees, vineyards and orchards. For a real wellness vacation, we are waiting for you at IL CASALE RESORT, a…

  • Eight Hotel Paraggi

    Portofino Wedding venues italian Riviera.

    Eight Hotel Paraggi

    Seafront hotel with beach - superior price - guests: reception (150), accomodation (30)

    The Eight Hotel Paraggi Seafront hotel, wedding venue Liguria pr. Savona Italy, Portofino italian riviera. The Hotel an elegant and modern ambience with 13 rooms.

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  • Liguria italian Riviera weddings.

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